Success Stories


Best Birthday Ever!

Thank you for being you! This may sound unreal to some yet the sequence of events tells a true story. The very day that I signed up on Spiritual Singles, May 2, 2013, I received messages from 2 users that tagged me as 'Interested in You'. One of those 2 was a bit interesting but didn't resonate with me. The other interested user has turned out to be my dream come true. We communicated back and forth for the next several days. We met in person on May 11th in his hometown of Bisbee, AZ. The rest so far, as they say, is history! We seem to fit together like 2 peas in a pod. We laugh, play, create and simply enjoy each other's presence. David is an amazing man and I am ever so grateful to you. Thank you. I wish you all wonder and happiness in your life.

Thank you.
Bonnie G.

PS About the same time as meeting David, I was in the process of returning to the use of my maiden name and am now finishing a book I've been writing called 'Found in the Moment'. It seems all good things were coalescing for me. Oh, and my birthday was May10th. How's that for a happy-ever-after story!